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Successful career women have more than a string of good academic results behind them; they have the ability to work in a team, lead, listen and create. It is my aim to empower the girls both academically and beyond the classroom.

Our girls go on to leading universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Central St Martin’s College of Art & Design and the Royal Colleges of Music, we can definitely be proud of our academic achievements.

With small class sizes, highly qualified staff and a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities, girls are individually challenged and stretched in academic study and beyond. But, I am determined that we look beyond the academic syllabus.

I wish to enrich the focus of departments and encourage the girls with enterprise events, work experience, outside lecturers and internship provided by our Old Girl network of high achievers willing to offer fellow PHC girls an opportunity for a step up the career ladder.

My aim is to ensure that your daughter is given the best possible skills and qualifications to succeed in a competitive world, the strength of character to thrive under pressure and the self-belief to be a leader. 

I believe passionately in the importance of a vibrant, dynamic learning environment. The girls at PHC need to feel comfortable but have no fear of failure. Instead, they need to have a respect for and desire to push boundaries. Challenging each girl to develop individually as a person and to begin to define their own values is essential; this can, I believe, be achieved only in a school which favours diversity.

I expect all my staff to ensure that every girl will exceed rather than succeed.


Sue Wallace-Woodroffe

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