The core purpose of academic life at PHC is to ensure all our pupils, whatever their abilities, gain qualifications that exceed their expectations.

Every pupil is engaged in a programme of study specifically tailored to meet their unique needs. Alongside this, each child has an academic and pastoral mentor who manages their progress.

Our academic programmes ensure pupils push their own boundaries, gain self-belief, self confidence and the academic rigour to thrive. 

Our focus on the individual fosters a strong rapport between staff and student. This dynamic creates a genuinely fun learning environment that allows each pupil to feel safe to make mistakes and learn from them.

We run additional programmes to ensure a ‘can-do’ attitude towards learning, these include:

  • Supervised after-school prep
  • Accelerated Reader – an online programme to facilitate rapid reading growth
  • Scholars’ Programme
  • One to one extra tuition
  • Learning Support