We believe in the value of all types of boarding at every level of the school and the importance of the boarding community for all students, including day girls.

We strive to provide a happy, fun and caring boarding environment where girls are able to develop and flourish. Each individual is encouraged to develop her own character and sense of self, growing in confidence, courage and compassion.

We believe that boarding should complement, not replace family life, and a girl’s House is her home from home and the centre of her personal life. We aim to create a supportive and relaxed environment where each girl can develop at her own pace.

During weekends our boarders enjoy visits including London and Cambridge, scaling high ropes, canoeing on lakes and taking advantage of the school's proximity to West End theatres.

Housemistresses seek to guide students appropriately, using praise and encouragement liberally whilst upholding high expectations of behaviour. We want each boarder to feel that she is a valued member of the community to which she is able to make a contribution.

The girls form firm, diverse and global friendships.  Boarding gives girls a sense of community and by living with others they develop invaluable life skills, such as respect, tolerance, teamwork and self-motivation. Girls learn to be tolerant of each other, yet they learn to be independent too. The boarding environment offers a rich variety of experiences which allows girls to develop culturally, creatively, physically, spiritually, morally and socially.

Boarding options

We offer a range of boarding options and families can choose the right type of boarding to suit their needs. Sixth Form boarders are encouraged to prepare for university life by taking more responsibility for their own time, cooking (although meals are also available in the dining room) and doing laundry. Please see our Sixth Form Boarding handbook.

Full boarders stay in school throughout the week and there is a lively programme of weekend activities, in which all girls are welcome to participate. During the holidays, full boarders go to stay with family, friends and guardians.

Weekly boarders usually arrive on Monday morning and return home on Friday afternoon, spending four nights in school. For other families, flexi-boarding is a popular option; it allows families to decide which nights and/or weekends they would like their daughter to board. This allows girls to gain the experience of boarding without being away from home full time. Occasional boarding provides the opportunity for girls to board for a limited period e.g. a weekend or a week. This is a popular option prior to exams.

Boarding Facilities

Year 11 and Sixth Form girls have individual study bedrooms. All other year groups share a room with a number of girls depending on their age. Bath and shower rooms are shared by a small number of girls in each section of the House and there are common rooms, kitchens and other spaces for relaxation and games. Boarders have access to music practice rooms, sports facilities, IT suites and the Learning Resources Centre in the evening.