Successful career women have more than just a string of good academic results behind them.

At PHC we develop our girls' interpersonal and practical skills so they become leaders in a competitive world.  We encourage girls to try out new activities, as well as improving and expanding existing passions, so they broaden and deepen their interests. 

Our extra-curricular Programme, SCITLLE, instills seven core values in our girls:

  • Serve
  • Create
  • Inspire
  • Thrive
  • Lead
  • Learn
  • Explore

The Programme enhances every PHC girl’s education by offering a variety of activities at lunchtime and after-school, along with longer term projects and one-off events. The activities on offer are specifically designed for certain year groups, allowing for progression from Year 7 through to Year 13.

Many of them will take place for a short time, running for a half term, and will be a chance to focus on specific skills over a short period on time. Other activities will run throughout the whole term, or school year.

Through SCITLLE every girl is able to contribute in her own way to our vibrant community.